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Grand Teton National Park: Hiking the Taggart Lake Loop

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Summary: The Taggart Lake Loop in Grand Teton National Park is perfect for hiking families of almost all ages. This 3.8 mile loop is mostly flat and has relatively easy terrain. The views on this hike are gorgeous, with several photo opportunities along the way. At Taggart Lake, we watched a Moose grazing by the water's edge. Arrive early because this trail does get busy.

What Gear You Should Bring. While visiting Grand Teton National Park, we packed sandwiches, a ton of snacks and lots of water so we wouldn't be caught trying to find a place to eat here. We also brought layers to accommodate the changing temperatures, rain jackets, and ponchos, though we were lucky to avoid any rain on our trip. Sun screen, a hat, and a good pair hiking shoes is preferred.

Getting There. We left our Air BnB at 7:00 a.m. to beat the crowds on the trail and in the Park. Note: We stayed in Victor, Idaho instead of Jackson to save money on lodging. This added 30 minutes to the drive from Jackson. For us, it was just fine and worth the cost savings. From Jackson, take US-191 towards Grand Teton National Park. Take a left at Teton Park Road and drive past the town of Moose. The trailhead and trailhead parking is on the left after the town of Moose.

Start of Hike - Views of Tetons. The beginning of this hike is gorgeous. With roaring creeks and views of the Tetons, even those that cannot make the full loop should consider the first mile stretch of this trail.

Into the Forest. From here, the trail runs briefly through a forest.

Taggart Lake. Next, the trail leads to Taggart Lake, which is roughly half-way through the hike. This modestly sized lake is a the perfect place to stop and enjoy the peaceful, tranquil scenery.

A Moose. At the Lake, we had the pleasure of running into this Moose. We watched him from a safe distance, of course (these are taken with telephoto lens).

Hike Back. After the Lake, the trail takes you through beautiful rolling hills before bringing you back to the start of the loop.

We really enjoyed this trail. It's gorgeous. We also feel that it's easy enough to be accessible to most anyone so even if you do not consider yourself a hiker, try this one out. We think you will like it.


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