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About Us


Welcome to our brand new travel blog!  A little about us: We are an active, hard-working family of four, Brian, Carmen, Anthony and Joey. Despite our hectic life, we prioritize our favorite family activity, traveling. We've relied on advice from friends, other blogs, and travel shows, and over the years have become a bit of an expert ourselves. This website is our way of giving back to the traveling community.  We hope you enjoy!


Our Travel Philosophy. We travel modestly so we can travel often. We focus on learning cultures and history, hiking beautiful countrysides, enjoying local food, and the occasional thrill-seeking adventure. We prefer to rent apartments and homes so we can stay in non-tourist areas and shop in local markets.  It's not exactly budget traveling but we do subscribe to the "penny saved; penny earned" philosophy or in our case, every penny saved means we're one day closer to another adventure. 

The Photography. Just about the time we started traveling with our kids, Brian picked up photography as a hobby.  Lucky for us, we now get to travel with our own personal photographer. All photos may be purchased for poster art or other personal use.  Contact us below for more information.  


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