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Tahoe Donner: Snowshoeing with Happy Dogs

Summary: There are many options to go snowshoeing in the Tahoe Donner area. We recommend renting snowshoes at home, if you can, and bring them up to the area. Prices will likely be more reasonable and you can avoid lines at the rental shops. We enjoyed snowshoeing in the Tahoe National Forest but note that many trails are shared with snowmobiles.

Why Snowshoeing? What does a family that loves to hike do when visiting snowy mountains? Snowshoe! Okay, many people would ski or snowboard which is great, but it's not our thing. We do love the outdoors though and snowshoeing is a super fun outdoor activity.

Snowmobiles. One thing to remember when hitting the Tahoe National Forest trails is that many are shared with snowmobiles. Be mindful of blind turns and stay to one side of the trail as needed.

Our Dogs Love Snow. Boxers are not really known for being cold or heat tolerant. They love our N. California temperate weather. For this reason, we were surprised to find that they absolutely love playing in the snow. We are aware that dogs, especially longer-hair dogs, can get frost-bite on their paws. We limited our snow adventures to a couple of hours and they seemed to do just fine without having to purchase little booties (which absolutely would not have gone over well with these two anyway).


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