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Mt. Shasta, California: Lake Siskiyou Trail Hike

Summary. Lake Siskiyou Trail is a 7.3 mile loop that follows the Lake. Almost entirely flat, this trail is accessible to most hikers. This is one of our all-time favorite trails. While staying at Lake Siskiyou, we will take a daily trip around even if we have other hiking plans that day. The early morning hours are the best time to see wildlife out on the trail, including the occasional bald eagle. Dogs on leashes are allowed.

Getting there. From central Mt. Shasta take W. Ream Avenue to W A Barr Road to Ney Springs Road. Park anywhere along the Lake and pick up the trail from there.

The trail can be divided, in our mind, into four sections. From Lake Siskiyou Camp & Resort (where we stay), we usually start by heading left on the trail if you're facing the Lake. This portion of the trail is partially shaded and has access to the water. It is also the best part to catch wildlife as this area also has two cold water creeks that runs to the Lake. The meadows on this stretch also have beautiful wildflowers.

The next section starts at Wagon Creek Pedestrian Bridge, heads up and out of the Lake area and follows W A Barr Road all the way until you reach Box Canyon Dam. Warning: in the hot summer months, the pavement here can be too hot for dogs. We tend to come early in the morning for this reason.

After crossing the dam, veer right to continue on the trail. This section is intermittently shaded, with access to the Lake.

The final stretch is the Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort section. Here, stop at the Resort's store for a reasonably priced, and inexplicably good, soft serve ice-cream.


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