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San Francisco, California: Taking Photos of the Most Photographed Bridge In the World

Summary. San Francisco, California is home of the most photographed bridge in the World but how to get that perfect shot isn't exactly obvious when you arrive to The City (FYI, don't ever call it "Frisco," and here's why). Access from the Northeast Side Parking Lot provides more of a straight-on view and photos from the Marin Headlands, are a top-down view. In our humble opinion, the best place to catch a perfect photo is from Crissy Field. Stay until after sunset to capture beautiful colors and then the lights of the cars passing over the bridge. Add a little splash with photoshop, Adobe, Lightroom or similar photo software and out comes a great shot!

Getting to Crissy Field. There's plenty of parking at the East Beach lot and along Crissy Field. As part of the National Parks system, the Crissy Field Promenade is 2.3 miles in length with public restrooms available, so stay for awhile and enjoy a nice stroll along the water. Photographed below is some unknown couple (but it made for a good shot!).

The Weather. San Francisco has unpredictable weather with the fog often coming in right when you want to take your evening photos. If you're lucky, you'll catch a day like this.

Photoshop. The natural colors of the bridge are also fun to work with in photoshop.

Evening Shots. Stay until the sun goes down, it'll be worth it.

Night Shots. Between the water and the lights of the passing cars, night shots are pretty amazing as well.

Palace of Fine Arts. While you're down there, the Palace of Fine Arts is just one mile away and also makes for some pretty dramatic evening photos as well.


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