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Salzburg, Austria: Mozart's City of Birth (Day 1)

Summary. Salzburg, Austria, is the birth place of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A little over 2 hours by train from Vienna, Salzburg is a vibrant, high-class City. Rich in history, architecture, and museums, Salzburg is also known for music (both classical and modern) and, of course, beer. The historic center of town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is filled with horse-drawn carriages and street performers. One thing to note if you are traveling on a budget, this City is expensive. Stores are high-end, restaurants are luxurious, and accommodations will set you back. We addressed this by cooking primarily in our Air BnB, selecting just a few museums, and spending more time hiking urban parks and enjoying the streets and architecture by foot.

In our first afternoon in Salzburg, we headed out on food from our centrally located Air BnB. Our first stop was Makartsteg Bridge, also known as "Love Lock Bridge," this pedestrian bridge crosses the Salzach River. We did not come prepared with a love lock but we did walk through and admire the many MANY locks on this bridge.

During our visit, there was a lovely market and art show along the pedestrian path as well. We treated the boys to gelato-style ice cream from a food truck and strolled through the art and craft stalls.

Next we headed for beers and snacks at Augustine Monastery and Brewery. Founded by Augustinian monks in 1621, this brewery has an outdoor informal seating area where you can purchase beer (of course), and snacks or a meal at one of the many different food vendors. Brewery tours are also available, though we skipped the tour.

Urban Hike: Next, we took an urban hike to the Kapuzinerberg, a 640 meter mountain. After passing the Capuchin monastery, make your way up to the top to the vista-point. Our photo of Prague Castle is taken from the top. See also separate blog on this hike.


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