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Norway: Experience the Thrill of White Water Rafting in Voss and Play Like a Big Kid in Trollskogen, Bergen's Mount Fløyen

Summary: In our final day in Norway, we went white water rafting in Voss. After a 60 minute train ride, we were picked up for a fun adventure with Voss Active. Afterwards, we continued the big kid theme by spending the evening playing in Trollskogen, located in Bergen's Mount Fløyen.

[This blog is part of a 3-days in Bergen, Norway, series, which is part of our 15-days in Northern Europe trip].

Voss Active Whitewater Rafting. The day started with an early, 60-minute train to Voss. Here, we were picked up by Voss Active and then driven to their nearby headquarters where we changed into our rafting gear and boarded a bus with other fellow rafters. Voss Active center has changing rooms, bathrooms, and all the equipment you need for the experience. Before launching our boats, we took a quick group photo of course!

Swimming Test. Unlike other whitewater rafting experiences we've done, this one required a swim test. We mention this unexpected activity because while easy to do, it proved to be a bit nerve-wracking to watch. The skill taught was to ride the rapid feet first, then flip and swim to the side. Easy enough but having never swam in rapids before, we can all report high heartrates from nerves alone!

After everyone in the group easily passed the swim test, we hopped back into the boats and headed out for our adventure. The boat managed to stay right-side-up too!

Surfing. One fun stop along the way is to "surf" the river by guiding the boat towards the rapids.

Photos. Voss Active offers photos for purchase.

After rafting we took the train back to Bergen, cleaned up at our AirBnB and headed out to take the Floibanen funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen. Located in central Bergen, we purchased one-way tickets up to the top with the plan to walk down the mountain when were were done.

At the top, the first thing you see is a lookout point where you can see the entire City center below. From here, there are several options for exploring Mount Fløyen, including restaurants, hiking trails, and a troll park (for kids of all ages).

Trolls. It doesn't take long to realize that Norwegians have a thing for these mythical creatures. You will see them in stores, peaking out of windows in homes, and here at Trollskogen (Troll Forest). Because they originate from Nordic folklore, which consisted largely of oral history, it is hard to know for sure when the story of the troll began. In most renditions, the troll lives in forests, among rocks, and caves, and are generally a menace to humans. In Bergen's Troll Forest, visitors can get up close to these amusing creatures.

Trollskogen. For our time in Mount Fløyen, we played like the big kids we are. This fun park has lots of options to feel young again.

There's even a fun loooong slide!

Afterwards, we took a nice stroll back to Bergen Center. Going down, it's about a 30 minute walk. We saw wild deer along the way but also an urban kitty cat.

Dinner. For dinner, we enjoyed a cheap and tasty meal at Gyros House Sentrum, which is also located in central Bergen.


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