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Norway: Kayaking in Norway's Eid Fjord, A Day Trip from Bergen

Updated: Mar 30

Summary: Our first day in the Bergen area involved a day trip to Eidfjord so we could kayak Norway's famous fjords. Located 2 hours from Bergen, the town of Eidfjord is nestled on the banks of the Eid Fjord, a branch of Hardangerfjorden. We lucked out because we happen to visit on a day when the usual cruise ship had not docked nearby. We recommend checking with fjord tours, the company we used, so you can repeat this good fortune. Our time in this breathtakingly beautiful place was also accompanied by a gorgeous drive through Norway's impressive tunnel system. After our 3-hour kayak tour, we enjoyed a coffee in the town of Eidfjord, drove along the fjord to Dyranut, the highest spot in the area, before driving to see Skjervsfossen Waterfall before heading back to Bergen.

[This blog is part of a 3-days in Bergen, Norway, series, which is part of our 15-days in Northern Europe trip].

Renting a Car. With our plans in Bergen, this day was the only day we needed a car. To save time and money, we rented a car at the Airport the night before when we arrived from our Iceland leg of our trip. When we returned the car, it was easy to take a cab back into town by just jumping into the airport's cab line. (photo below is a funny restroom from the airport rental car area).

Our AirBnB was located in central Bergen, within walking distance of downtown and next to the area's University. On our first night in the area, we ate at this unexpectedly amazing eritrea food restaurant called Savanna Restaurant. It was both budget-friendly and tasty. We were surprised to learn that Bergen has a population of Eritrean immigrants.

Drive to Eidfjord. The drive from Bergen to the town of Eidfjord is a site to see all on its own. Isolated, quaint towns dot this mountainous landscape. We were also impressed with Norway's sophisticated tunnel system, where there are even roundabouts within the mountains!

Upon arrival to Eidjord, we met our Kayaking tour guide at the Coop Supermarket parking lot. Here, we walked over to the shoreline where our equipment was waiting for us in an authentic Norway fishing cabin. After a brief safety lesson, we set off on two-person kayaks. Since we arrived on a non-cruise ship day, we were the ones in the group.

Quiet. On this quiet day, we had the area to ourselves. While the fog was low and concealed some of the mountain peaks, the water made up for it with its still, crystal clear beauty.

Pace. We're not sure if it was the unexpected private excursion, but we had the luxury of setting our own pace. At times, we just glided and took in the landscape.

Rest stop. About one-half way through the excursion, we landed on shore and took a short hike to a set of falls.

Threading the Needle. On the return trip to the shore, our guide took us under the docks just to spice things up. In total, we had a wonderful time with our guide and would definitely recommend trying to time this experience for a non-cruise ship day. Having the place to ourselves was half the magic for sure.

Dyranut. Back at the car, we enjoyed our packed lunch before heading out for a drive to Dyranut. This part was just OK so if you're short on time, we would say skip on over to our next stop, Skjervsfossen Waterfall. Dyranut is probably better on a clear day as it is known for its panoramic views. During our visit, a rain storm was heading into the area so we stayed just 20 or so minutes before heading out again.

Skjervsfossen Waterfall. Our last stop before heading back to Bergen was at Skjervsfossen Waterfall. There are a few short but well-kept pathways in and around the falls. This makes for a nice break to stretch your legs before heading back to Bergen.

Dinner out. Back in Bergen, we returned the car and headed out to dinner. Norway's restaurant prices can be fairly high. Much to our surprise we enjoyed a second budget-friendly dinner out, right in our neighborhood. We ordered "to go," so we could relax back at our AirBnB. This popular spot was a great find, but we did note that it may have been a little too healthy for the teens (ha ha).

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