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Mt. Shasta, California: Day Trip To Rogue River (Medford, Oregon)

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Summary. Whether you are staying in the Mt. Shasta area or visiting Southern Oregon, rafting down the Rogue River is a super fun activity for the family. It's a relatively calm River so most kids, say, age 8 and up, should be able to handle the experience (use parental discretion here of course). We have twice used Indigo Creek Outfitters and highly recommend this outfit for families with kids.

Getting there. From Mt. Shasta, drive North on I-5, 90 minutes to Medford, Oregon.

The day starts with meeting at the Indigo Creek Outfitters parking lot. From there, a safety lesson is given, equipment fittings are done, and last stop bathroom breaks are made. After a relatively shortly drive, the group is dropped off at the River with an instructor and a raft.

A good portion of the experience is a quiet trip down a beautiful river. The fun instructors interact with your kids, playing games, practical jokes, and encouraging folks to jump in the River (really it's fun!).

Towards the end of the run are some category three rapids but they're pretty short. If you're concerned about safety, we would say that this is the perfect mix of excitement but, in reality, pretty tame rapids. It felt safe for the kiddos the entire time (photos here are recent but we also did this several years ago with the kids weren't yet teen).

A few tips for an enjoyable day: (1) Bring a change of clothes; (2) Bring lots of sunblock and/or a sun shirt as there is no shade; (3) Snacks for the drive back; and (4) Lots of water.

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