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Barcelona, Spain: Camp Nou Tour & Museum

Summary. This home of FC Barcelona was opened in 1957 and has hosted the World Cup along with several European league finals and the 1992 Olympic final. The stadium, one of the largest in the World, holds over 100,000 fans. Visitors can tour the grounds, press box, press room, locker rooms, as well as the FC Barcelona museum.

From our AirBnB in the Gracia neighborhood, we traveled to Camp Nou via an easy 30 minute Metro ride. Tickets are somewhat pricey at 29.5 Euros per person (or 26 Euros if purchased in advance), though there is a fair amount to see, especially if you are a soccer fan.

After purchasing our tickets, we first passed through the FC Barcelona museum. Founded in 1899, FC Barcelona has won five FIFA World Cups, 20 European and World titles, and much much more. The result is an impressive collective of trophy's and other memorabilia, including jersey's used by one of the Club's most famous players, Lionel Messi.

After passing through the museum, we ventured out onto the field to view the stadium itself.

From there, we toured the locker room, press box, and newsroom. Hallways in the stadium hold colorful photo art as well as a video display showing the Club's history.

On our way out, the tour passes through an enormous multi-floor store for those who wish to spend a ton of money on merchandise, albeit authentic and not the knockoffs found in the streets between the metro and the stadium. All kidding aside, if you are a true fan, there's every possible FC Barcelona gear item you could possibly want.

The stadium is impressive and interesting to see even if you are not a big soccer fan. It was also a fun break from traditional sightseeing, i.e. art and museums. So while it is a bit pricey, I'd add this to the "worth it," list.


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