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Street Artists of Florence, Italy: Enjoying Art Outside of the Museums

Summary. The sheer volume of museums alone makes Florence, Italy, a mecca for art lovers. Outside of those illustrious halls of priceless works of art, are Florence's modern day artists. Take a stroll through central Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you will be treated to a variety of exceptional artists. Don't forget to tip when you can.

Art Outside Museums. While in Florence we spent the majority of our time in museums. We knew that this stop in our Italy trip would involve hours of time walking through the gorgeous halls of Florence's impressive collections of priceless works of art. What we did not expect was the thoroughly enjoyable collection of current artists just outside the museums walls. Here are just a few of our interactions:

Chalk artists in central Florence are given squares to work within. It's seriously impressive to watch.

Street vendors near the Duomo share sell their own works of art to tourists.

Buskers fill the streets with music.

Street performers entertain tourists and locals alike.

....and don't forget to enjoy the culinary arts.

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