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Salzburg, Austria: An Urban Hike in Mozart's Birthplace

Summary. Salzburg may be a pricey city but there are plenty of things to do that do not cost a dime, including taking an urban hike. Starting at the Felixpforte gateway just outside where we stayed is urban hike to the Kapuzinerberg, a 640 meter mountain. After passing the Capuchin monastery, make your way up to the top to the vista-point.  

Urban Hike. Kapuzinerberg is a forested mountain top right in the center of Salzburg. The mountain has both dirt and finished trails, a church, monastery, and best of all, an amazing view of the City at the top.

Beginning at the Felixpforte gateway (built in 1632), head up the steps. The top of the mountain is 640 meters high, a distance covered in a relatively short time so be ready for a bit of a steep climb. After passing a 17th century monastery, the trail turns into dirt and continues up the mountain.

Top of the Mountain. The reward at the top is an amazing full view of Salzburg. This vista point is a particularly good place to get a photo of Salzburg's Castle, Fortress Hohensalzburg.


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