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Exploring the Sweet Side of Copenhagen, Denmark: Making Danish Pastries and Exploring Central Copenhagen

Summary: On this second day in Copenhagen, we tried our hand at making Danish pastries at a Frederiksberg neighborhood baking class. With bellies stuffed silly with sweets, we headed back to Central Copenhagen to explore City Hall, Tivoli Gardens, and The View (a tower located at the Parliament Building). We ended the day with a leisurely stroll along Copenhagen's famous Nyhaven historical street.

[This blog is part of a 3-days in Copenhagen, Denmark series, which is part of our 15-days in Northern Europe trip].

Danish Baking Class. The first activity for the day was to travel by train over to the Frederiksberg neighborhood for a Danish baking class we found on AirBnB.

Working in pairs, Frederic, a pastry chef, walked us through how to make four different types of classic Danish pastries (3 sweet, one savory). Each station had enough materials for each participant to take their own set home, so don't worry if you do this solo. The kitchen itself is a professional, clean kitchen, set up perfectly to handle a baking class. Frederic is funny and quite the perfectionist, which helps everyone's pastries turn out a-mazing! This super fun class takes about three and half hours. We highly recommend this experience.

Post script: Since each person goes home with 12 pastries, and there were five of us, we were overwhelmed with the volume. There's a park right near the pastry kitchen where we went to walk off our fullness. Here, we ran into this lovely young family having a picnic on the lawn. They ended up with two of our boxes and yet, we still ate pastries morning, noon, and night for the next two days before we left Copenhagen!

Next, we traveled back to central Copenhagen to visit some of the City's highlights on foot. Our first stop was at Copenhagen's City Hall. Est. 1905, this building still functions as City Hall today. When we visited, we viewed couples waiting in line to get married.

We then walked across the street to visit Tivoli Gardens. Tip: If you're short on time, skip this stop. We did not find it worth the expense. The only real stand-out part of this stop was the fact that right in central Copenhagen was a full-scale amusement park dating back to the mid-19th century. One minute you're in central Copenhagen, and the next, you're walking through an amusement park that Walt Disney famously copied when making Disneyland.

The View. From Tivoli, we walked over to the Danish Parliament building to go up the tower called, "the View." An elevator will take you up 44 meters above the City where you can view Copenhagen from above.

We finished our day out with a walk along the Nyhavn. This commercial port was constructed between 1670 and 1675. The channel it sit on was dug by Swedish prisoners of war during the Dano-Swedish War (between 1658 and 1660). Today, this colorful street is now the home of shops and restaurants catering to tourists. We skipped these high-priced establishments and opted for a leisurely, people-watching stroll instead. Tip: Walk on the opposite side of canal for the best photos, and far less street traffic.

After Nyhavn, we headed back to the AirBnB but stopped first for dinner at a neighborhood Indian restaurant. We know, not the "locals," food but hey, we love a good Indian dinner!


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