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Malmo, Sweden: The Perfectly Disgusting Day Trip from Copenhagen

Summary: Malmö, Sweden is the home of the Disgusting Food Museum. This fun, "must-do" museum was part of a leisurely day trip from Copenhagen, Sweden. By train, Malmö is just 35 minutes from the Copenhagen's central station. Before testing our guts, we first walked this beautiful City's medieval squares and churches.

[This blog is part of a 4-days in Sweden series, which is part of our 15-days in Northern Europe trip].

Getting there. This is an easy day trip to the City of Malmö from Copenhagen, Denmark (the last stop of our 15-day Northern Europe trip). Trains run every 20 minutes and take just 35 minutes to get there. We also brought our passports just to be safe since we crossed into a new Country along the way. We didn't end up needing them but it seemed smart to bring them.

Early arrival. Per our usual "beat the crowds," mentality, we left on a early train and arrived in Malmö to find this City of over 300,000, still very quite. Dating back to the 13th Century, this was, for centuries, Sweden's second largest city after Stockholm. Central Malmö is walkable from the train station so we headed out on foot to explore on our own. Our first stop was Saint Peter's Church. This 14th Century Church was built in the brick Gothic architecture common for the Baltic Sea region at the time.

Medieval Town Squares. Central Malmo also has several little medieval town squares. We walked through Lilla Torg and then over to Gustav Adolfs torg.

We then walked through Malmö old cemetery and the riverfront before visiting Malmö Castle.

From there, we walked over to the Disgusting Food Museum.

Not the Finest Gastronomy. This fun stop dares you to try, just as they say, disgusting foods. There's also several displays of odd or plainly gross foods from around the world. Visitors are given barf bags as entry tickets because yes, it apparently actually happens.

Photobooth. You can skip the tastings and try your hand at this funny photobooth. (spoiler: there's something that will make you do this)

It's spicy! If you're too chicken (like us), to try the disgusting food, you can also try your hand at increasingly spicy hot sauces. Our crew made it only to level 4 - and here we thought we liked spicy food!

By late afternoon, we were ready to head back to Copenhagen, where we took an evening walk in Nyhavn (it's super cute and worth more than one visit). With another great travel day in the books, we headed back to our AirBnB and settled in for the night.


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