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CrossFit Chiang Mai: Getting my sweat on in the humidity of Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai can be hot and humid, at least compared to our hometown. Even so, I didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to try CrossFit Chiang Mai.

The easiest way to get across town was to take a Grab Taxi, Chiang Mai's version of Uber. If you're staying across town, plan on plenty of time to get there because of traffic. The location is also off the main road and down an alley-like street which my driver missed at first.

This box is an open-air gym, reminiscent of an airport hanger. Air flows freely through the box which is especially welcomed in the humidity. Classes are in English and when I was there, it was being run by an American ex-Pat. The Coach and members were welcoming and accustomed to international drop-ins. Equipment was clean and well-kept.

Class was organized into three parts, Skill, Strength, and then a short WOD (pull-ups, Air bike, cleans).

Tip: Bring a change of clothes. Apparently this is something folks from humid climates think of in advance but I did not. I feel really bad for my Grab Taxi driver that drove me back to the Air BnB. Even with the windows rolled down, I was still fogging up the car. Oops.

Wearing my CrossFit Chiang Mai souvenir shirt. (photo above)

When reserving, CrossFit Chiang Mai was responsive by email. You can also message them them on Facebook.

If you're wondering why in the heck I would CrossFit on vacation, see my post where I explain my craziness.

Remember CrossFit Drop-in Etiquette: Contact the box in advance, be courteous, and have a great time.


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