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Sedona, Arizona: Devil's Bridge Hike

Summary. Sedona is the home of some of the best hiking opportunities. Gorgeous vistas featuring Sedona's red rock formations are virtually at every turn. This no-cost activity is best in the morning to avoid the heat or crowds. One of favorite hikes was the Devil's Bridge Hike. Trails are marked well. Bring layers, lots of water, and proper sun protection as weather can change dramatically and there is virtually no cover.

Getting there. The Dry Creek Vista trailhead is 15 minutes outside of Sedona. Take AZ-89A to Dry Creek Road. Follow this road until you reach the parking lot. From here, the trail is a relatively flat journey to Devil's Bridge. The hike from here is 5.8 miles roundtrip via the Chuckwagon Trail. The views along the trail leading to Devil's Bridge are gorgeous, with plenty of great photo opportunities.

Essential items. Take this hike early in the day because the Arizona sun can be punishing. Wear a hat and bring layers as the desert is surprisingly cool early in the morning. Don't forget to pack water and snacks on all day hikes.

Devil's Bridge. The Bridge itself is not for those afraid of heights. I took photos from a safe distance (ha!). It is quite stable of course but I did not find any comfort in that when I attempted to walk across. Others easily cross the full bridge.

The path also takes you below the bridge so you can see this unusual rock formation from below.

This trail is easy and kids of any age that can hike 6 miles can handle this hike, with proper sun protection and plenty of water. Did we mention you should go early? Yes, we did, but it bears repeating again. This trail can be quite busy and the early worm will get the best photos and most enjoyably cool hike.


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