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Czech Republic: Visiting the City of Prague

Summary. Czech Republic, formed in 1993 after separating from Slovakia (together, formerly Czechoslovakia), is a gorgeous country, rich with history. We visited Prague and promptly fell in love with this amazing City. Things we loved about Prague include the warm and welcoming locals, rich history, beautiful architecture and affordable prices. So much of what you can see is absolutely free and the price for admissions at most places are generally low cost. The City is walkable but also has great public transit.

Walking to Lunch. When we first arrived in Prague, we met with our AirBnB host, who had recommended a restaurant just down the street and on our way to Old Town Square. Pay attention while you walk, otherwise you'll miss the little things that make this City so unique. The photo below is the embodiment of the streets of Prague: adorable corner store/building, narrow cobbled streets, and one-handed hanging man statute. Lunch consisted of traditional Czech food including one son's favorite Smažený sýr (fried cheese). If you love beer, you will love Prague and the prices. These steins were just $0.70 each during our visit.

After lunch, we walked to Old Town Square where the Prague Astronomical Clock is located. During our visit it was under renovation. This 15th Century Astronomical clock is sufficiently medieval we would say. It uses symbols of greed, vanity and death to mark the passage of time.

Old Town Square is a colorful town square that has a mix of Prague's Gothic Period (14th and 15th centuries) and High Baroque (18th Century). A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this town square was the site of a flash mob (!) when we arrived.

Bridges of Prague. Next, we walked to the Vltava River which runs through the center of Prague. As a river city, Prague has many beautiful bridges ranging from historic to modern. Bridges offer a excellent photo opportunity as the river front throughout Old Town is beautiful.

Our two favorite bridges were: (1) Charles Bridge. This world famous and historic bridge was completed in the 15th Century. Rebuilt several times over the Centuries due to massive floods it remarkably survived World War II. (2) Svatopluk Čech Bridge. Early 20th century stone and iron bridge.

Prague Castle. After crossing the Vltava River (and 100 million photos later), we walked up to Prague Castle. Serving as the current home of the Czech President and also a tourist destination with museums, Prague Castle is accessible by foot from Old Town. Originally built in the 9th Century, this 750,000 square foot complex has been partially destroyed and rebuilt over the years. Gothic, Romanesque, and Bohemian Baroque architecture are featured throughout the complex.  

Within the Castle complex is St. Vitus Cathedral. Located within the Prague Castle Complex, construction on this striking Roman Catholic Church began in the mid-14th Century. Climb the 280 steps of the South Tower of the Cathedral for a spectacular view of the City of Prague.

Views from the top. From top of the Cathedral, but also from many vantage points on the Castle grounds, there are amazing views of the City.

Walking back home. At the end of the day we walked back to our Air BnB. Along the way we enjoyed listening to busking musicians and enjoyed the late-day sun against the beautiful landscape. This City is truly lovely.


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