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CrossFit Vienna: This T-Shirt Travels

While in Vienna, Austria, I dropped-in at CrossFit Vienna's "The Loft," which is one of three CrossFit Vienna locations. The entrance is somewhat difficult to find because it is not directly on the street. Luckily I must have looked like a CrossFit tourist trying to find my way to the location since a stranger stopped me and asked if I was looking for the CrossFit box.

Once inside, the box has a second interior entrance with stairs leading up to the space (hence, "the Loft"). This box is a clean, truly indoor box. It was shaping up to be a hot day and I could tell that the ventilation in this old Vienna building would not be great, so I recommend coming here in the morning if you are traveling during the summer.

The class was taught in English by a friendly coaching staff. I was told they get many tourists but on that day, I was the only visitor.

The workout was a RFT with assault bike, rowing, and running. It was a bit awkward to run in and out of the loft but hey, you make due and no one ever cares (or should care) about lost time on steps or turns in a workout and especially not on vacation. Overall, I had a great time and would drop-in again if I were to return to Vienna.

So now a word about this t-shirt. For some unknown reason, I love the fit of this shirt. It is soft and has just the right amount of stretch. This means that I basically wear it all the time. As a result, it is featured in many subsequent trip photos all over the world. I do own other shirts, I promise. But for some reason I keep coming back to this one. (Photos below: Bahamas and Sapa, Vietnam).

Remember CrossFit Drop-in Etiquette: Contact the box in advance, be courteous, and have a great time.


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