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CrossFit Lario: When a CrossFit Class Leads to Kayaking on Lake Como from a Private Yaht Club

One of the things we love about dropping into CrossFit classes around the World are the people we meet. CrossFit Lario was the first of example of the added benefits of meeting this generous community.

Located in an industrial part of the greater Como area, we took a taxi cab to CrossFit Lario. At the time the kids were not yet old enough to stay back in the Air BnB on their own so we brought them with us. CrossFit Lario welcomed them too and allowed them to sit and watch our class.

The class itself was coached well and actually, by coincidence, a similar workout to the one we had done a few days earlier in Florence, except that in addition to a Metcon with snatch and pull-ups, we also did a strength set of back squats.

The gym itself is super clean, as you can see from the photos. Some CrossFit boxes embrace the "garage gym" look and can be a bit crusty but this one is immaculate.

After our workout, we got to talking to the Coach and mentioned that we were looking to kayak on the Lake that afternoon with our kids if we could locate a place to rent. Much to our surprise, the good people at CrossFit Lario connected us with the owner of a private yacht club in Como where we spent the afternoon kayaking on the Lake. This good fortune led to one of favorite days of the trip for all four of us. The Lake is calm, clean and dotted with gorgeous, ancient Italian villages. To top it off, after we were unable to get a taxi cab back to central Como, the yacht club worker gave us a private ride across the Lake on a speed boat (!) This is all to say that one never knows what dropping at a CrossFit box will lead to. Be friendly and respectful in this welcoming community and you may just find yourself zipping across Lake Como in a speed boat.

Remember CrossFit Drop-in Etiquette: Contact the box in advance, be courteous, and have a great time.


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