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CrossFit Gran Via: Madrid, Spain

In the basement of a building, less than a Kilometer from the Sol neighborhood, lies CrossFit Gran Via. Without windows and downstairs, this CrossFit could have been dark and stuffy but it most certainly was not. The owners have decorated the area with neon, bright lights that, along with the early morning techno music, seemed more like a dance club than a CrossFit box. It was kind of neat actually. I mean, if you're going to be in a basement, why not?

Ventilation in the basement was just fine and the place was spotless with clean mats that stretched across all flooring. As with all places we have dropped in, the coaches and members were warm and welcoming.

Taught in English, the WOD involved rotating stations of pull ups, box jumps, handstand push ups and assault bike or rowers. As usual we pushed ourselves so much harder than we would have doing a WOD in our Air BnB which makes the drop-in effort all the more worth it.

T-shirt options here include a tech fabric which is actually a nice little upgrade from the usual cotton. We definitely recommend this box when visiting Madrid, Spain.

Remember CrossFit Drop-in Etiquette: Contact the box in advance, be courteous, and have a great time.


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