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California is our home state. We were born here, grew up here and will probably live out the rest of our lives here. This State has so much to offer for the outdoor enthusiast. From skiing in the Sierra Nevada's to surfing in the Pacific Ocean, it's really hard to go wrong if you visiting this beautiful place. On this page, we are sharing some of our personal favorites, including Yosemite, Mt. Shasta, San Francisco, and Sonoma County (Wine Country).  For foodies, there's hardly a better place to visit. California is known for it's abundance of amazing produce, farmer's markets, and countless top notch restaurants. It is also incredibly diverse in food, culture, and landscape. Southern California is quite popular for international visitors, what with Hollywood and all the movie-industry attractions. We, however, favor Northern California, especially if you are looking for great hiking, fishing, skiing, and other outdoor adventures. 

Blog Posts - California
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