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As Spain is the Country that our father (and 'Buelo) immigrated from to the United States, we may be a bit biased when we say, it's a Country everyone should visit. The art, wine, music, and friendly people are just some of the obvious reasons to visit. Spain is also has diverse cultural regions, along with diverse landscapes like the snow-capped Pyrenees in the North and the arid, warm South.  The result is a wide-variety of experiences all in one Country. Of course, another good reason to visit is the food. One of our favorite foods, tapas, comes from Spain. Tapas stand for "to cover," and by some accounts originated from Spanish bartender's practice of placing small slice of bread, cheese, or ham on top of drinks to keep the flies out of patron's drinks. Modernly, tapas are small bites served in the late afternoon or evening as a snack before dinner, which is not typically served until 9 or 10 p.m. Hunting for the best tapas is not a bad past time while in Spain and we did our fair share during our visit. 

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