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The town of Como sits on most Southern tip of Lake Como which is situated near the Italian-Switzerland border. We added this stop to our trip at the recommendation of a friend that travels here frequently and in return, we basically tell everyone that will listen that they need to go too. A great break from the tourist heavy cities, the town of Como is quiet but still has all the things we love about Italy like a perfect gelato, cafes, ancient streets, and amazing cuisine. Of the towns and villages on Lake Como, there are more affordable options for lodging, groceries and dining. The town also sits right on the Lake and has a beautiful waterfront walkway. 

Things To-Do

Old Town Como: Cars are not allowed in the historic district of Como which means it is super visitor friendly. Cafe's, restaurants, and shopping line the streets. There are also bakeries, bread shops, and gelateria's. Como's Gothic Cathedral is also located in the historic district. Construction on this Cathedral started in 1396 but did not finish until 1770. 

Ferry on Lake Como: Even if you do not have any particular destination in mind, the Lake Como Ferry system is a fun way to see the towns that sit on the Lake. 

Kayaking on Lake Como. You'll want someone to pinch you when you realize you are kayaking on Lake Como. The shoreside views from the Lake are gorgeous to say the least. We kayaked at a private club via new friends we met while traveling but rentals are available at various towns along the Lake

Funicular to Brunate: Take the funicular to the town of Brunate. Built in 1894, this 7-minute ride will take you to this village that sits 700 meters above Como. At just 5.5 euros per adult ticket, this low cost activity is a fun way to see Lake Como from above and walk the little town of Brunate.  

Take the Ferry To Bellagio & Varenna: Take the "fast" Ferry to Varenna, hop off and tour the town by foot. Jump back on the Ferry and head over to Bellagio. Depending on how much time you have left in the day, consider taking the "slow" ferry back to Como, which makes 10 or so stops along the way as it cross-crosses the Lake to stop at all the lovely Italian villages that sit on this beautiful lake.  

Day Trip to Lugano, Switzerland: Just 30 minutes by train from Lake Como, Lugano, Switzerland makes a great day trip if you are traveling in Northern Italy. This high-class, seemingly wealthy City is sparkling clean with a beautiful waterfront park. Lugano is also known for high-end shopping with stores like Prada, however, the central district also has several smaller, local stores as well. Prices in this town are a bit off the charts, so we window-shopped and enjoyed simply walking the lovely Via Nassa. Tip: You will need to do a currency exchange if you plan on using cash as Switzerland uses the Swiss franc. 

Where We Stayed

Air BnB: Located within walking distance of central old town Como and the marina, this AirBnB listing was absolutely wonderful. Stella, the host, was super helpful and also went above and beyond to welcome us to her apartment. She welcomed basket of food and activities for the kids. We highly recommend staying here while in Como (Photo credit right: Air BnB Listing). 

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