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This Kenya page is limited as (so far) our only time spent in Kenya was in Diana Beach. Diani Beach is a white-sand beach located on the Indian Ocean coast. It was the final leg of our East Africa trip, where we stayed at the Baobab Beach Resort and Spa and enjoyed a little down time before flying back home. This beautiful beach is accessible by a quick flight from Nairobi on a local carrier. During our three days here, we lounged by the pool, walked the beaches, and played games as a family. For Kenya and Tanzania legs of this trip, we used a tour company, Duma Explorer, which we highly recommend.  

Things To-Do

Resort Life: Diana Beach is known for their white-sand beaches, however, a few observations to note if you're considering visiting. The first is that the resort does not own any part of the beach and there are no chairs or other resort equipment on the beach. This means that patrons actually generally didn't use the beach and instead stay on the resort itself which overlooked the beach from above. The second item to note is that once on the beach, the locals fairly aggressively try to sell you items or services. This too made most patrons stay on the resort. That being said, as a family, we're not generally beach-goers so viewing it from above ended up being just fine for us. If you like to lounge on the actual beach, though, this may not be the place for you. We spent the majority of our time playing pool at the resorts two pool areas. As this leg of the trip was after 15 days of non-stop safari fun and activities, it was nice to wind-down and relax.

Where We Stayed

Baobab Beach Resort: This all-inclusive resort was quite lovely. We are not sure how the star-rating system works but we would characterize it as nice but not luxury. Everything was perfectly clean and manicured. The staff was friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Alcohol was included and the food was adequate but not 5-star.  

Duma Explorer Safari Company: This Tanzanian and American-owned company came recommended by a family friend. The American owners, Stacy Readal, happens to live close-by to our house so we were able to meet with her in person ahead of our trip. While convenient for us, we could have done everything by email and phone just the same. We have nothing but great things to say about this awesome company. From door-to-door, they had us covered for everything we needed on our trip. We highly recommend booking with Duma Explorer.

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