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Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a tiny lake-side town in the mountains of Austria. Easily accessible by train from Salzburg, this day trip ended up being our favorite day of our 15-day Central Europe vacation. Endless amazing views at every turn, makes Hallstatt a photographer's dream come true. Upon arrival by train, you will be ferried across the lake to the town itself, where cliff-side homes defy gravity and display traditional Austrian charm throughout. The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason, and while this may contribute to it's large number of daily visitors, the town never really felt overwhelmed by people.  In addition to the scenery, Hallstatt is also known for its ancient salt mines which are available for tours. Nothing in this town in inexpensive but it is well-worth the expense.  It truly is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. 

Things To-Do

Photography: Hallstatt is a photographer's dream. This Austrian mountain mountain village sits on a gorgeous clear blue lake. Even for those that just want really great vacation photos, there's more beautiful shots than you could possibly take in a day or that your memory card will hold. (Check our out blog on Hallstatt for more photos)

Funicular to UNESCO Site: Take the Hallstatt  funicular to the Skywalk, a UNESCO World Heritage site. ~10 Euros per adult, one way. We recommend walking back down to the town center on foot as the trail is gorgeous and takes you through residential areas including the town's church and historic cemetery. 

Salt Mines: Take a tour of Hallstatt's most famous industry. After walking approximately 2km into the salt mine tunnels, the salt mine train will whisk you through more, fairly narrow tunnels. One highlight for the kids  is a slide within the mine that takes you from one point to the next as part of the tour. ~24 Euros per adult; 12 Euros per child. Access via funicular or hike the trail up to salt mine entrance. Combo funicular/salt mine tickets are also available.

Hike: There are several marked trails around the town of Hallstatt where you can capture the beauty of the lake from different vantage points or hike into the forests outside of town. Tip: There is a trail immediately behind the salt mine that serves as a great way to kill time while your family is in the salt mines. After all, not everyone loves the idea of dark tunnels in the middle of a mountain. 

Boat Ride on Lake Hallstatt: We spent the last hour of the day renting a single-family electric boat. Out on the lake, you'll be rewarded with views of this mountain village and the surrounding lake. Enjoy the relaxing, peaceful,  quiet. 

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